Cheats and Hacks in the Gaming World

Sometimes, it is just not possible in our favourite game to move forward to the next level. A poor game design or a marketing gimmick to buy resources from the game developers might make some of the tasks in the game impossible to achieve or complete. It is at this time that the cheats and hacks helps the players.Cheats and Hacks in Computer games has been around from the time the computer games were invented. As computer games are made by programming, there is always a door open to cheat it be some means of inserting new code. Even though it cannot be achieved by the common man who has no knowledge about the code, there are people who can write amazing cheats and hacks to breeze through the game.

Different Types of Cheats

All cheats are not designed the same way. Though most of the cheats work to the advantage of the player, there are some cheats that are designed to make a simple game tougher. Some cheats might give special ability to the player while some create only cosmetic changes to the game. Cheats also vary depending upon the type of game. Writing cheats for a console game is different from creating cheats for computer games. Cheating doesn’t affect much when the player plays in a single player mode. But games that are played online involves multi players and then it becomes an ethical problem to use cheats. Any online game community would not encourage a person using cheats or hacks.

The Story of Cheats

Cheats and hacks are not for the lazy players who want to succeed without putting effort. In the game development phase, the game developers are the one who build cheats into the games. The main reason is to allow the testing people to test different levels of the game easily and see to it that the game has no shortfalls or glitches.For very long games with multiple levels and characters, these cheats are necessary to make the life of the Quality Assurance testing teams’ life easy. Say, for example, there is a game in which there are multiple levels to be crossed by the game’s character and at each level, relics and weapons are to be collected, it would take several hours for the testing team to play the entire game. But if there is a shortcut built by the developer to help the testers, then the testers can test all the scenarios easily. Most of the time, these shortcuts stay even during publication of the game.

Another reason for the developers to write cheats is to encourage the players to play their game. Every game developer would want his game to be more interesting and would never want the player to be frustrated with the game. Not all players are comfortable with the mechanics of the game. That is why, these cheats are introduced to encourage the players who find it difficult to cope with the mechanics of the game. Cheats are also like a power booster to the game. If a player has played the whole game once, he can use the cheats to play the game extra ordinarily.

Game Hacks

It is not so easy to cheat a computer game. It is a lot trickier. For a hacker, it is a familiar one as he is well versed in the programming languages. He can easily tweak the code to create cheats. But for others, they have to rely on the hackers.Most of the hacks requires another application to be run with the game for activating the video game hacks. While some hacks alter the game’s code, so blend with the game. But one needs to be careful with these hacks if they are downloading it from web as many of these hacks are actually viruses.

Hardware Cheats

While there are lots of hacks in the web for computer games, there are only few for video game consoles. Video game consoles require an extra hardware like CD to cheat the games at

Online Game Cheats

While the above two types are mostly single player mode, online cheats work against so many people playing online. Online cheats work similar to game trainers and are the most commonly used. There are other tactics like writing macros to automate certain tough tasks. These looping routines (macros) are really helpful in role playing games. Online games are mostly monitored by administrators and they don’t tolerate cheaters in the game. In the instance of finding out a cheater, they might be temporarily suspended or permanently banned from the game.

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Cheating need not be bad at all times. Just keep in mind who you are playing against. While computers don’t mind you cheating, real people might get irritated.

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